Tuesday 5 April 2022

Back and greener

Zappi secured on our carport end
wall. Installation by Artisan Electrics
We've been sort of ticking along with the solar etc until late last year, when we bought an EV, specifically an 80KWh Skoda Enyaq, and as a result also had a myenergi Zappi charging point installed.

We've been considering an EV for a good while, but the major consideration has been that both sets of our parents are a) 100 miles away in opposite directions and b) not getting any younger, so we have been waiting on an EV that can do a round trip to either with charge to spare, and (in an ideal world) is made by Skoda, as we've both been driving Skodas for the past decade or more and we're fans. 

More detail in subsequent posts, but suffice it to say the car is a dream to drive, we've not had anything that could be described as range anxiety in 6 months (this does require a mindset change, of which more later), and the myenergi monitoring and control system is an absolute delight. 

Look out for more posts in the coming days.