Monday 26 March 2012

Welcome to the Mill House

The Mill House is a 19th century stone-built house in Werrington, just north of the centre of Peterborough. It was built by the miller of Werrington (one Mearston Oldham) in the 1860s and 70s, being right next to the mill (in fact, our outbuildings connect).

Since we moved in in 2002, we've added solar water heating, solar PV panels and a loft extension, and the aim of this blog is to record some of our experiences with installation, use and monitoring of the systems.

Some bits of this blog will be a bit geeky - I'm a Perl programmer by trade, and quite prepared to use my job skills to produce useful data on our systems. One of my medium-to-long-term goals, though, is to produce a boot SD card for a Raspberry Pi that allows anyone to plug a few monitoring gadgets in via USB and Bluetooth and display the results on their TV.

So... watch this space.

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