Tuesday 30 October 2012

An interesting initiative

Via Scoop.IT and South Werrington's LibDem Councillor Darren Fower:
A scheme which could see every Peterborough resident save money on their energy bill will be discussed by Peterborough City Council's Cabinet at a meeting on Monday 5 November 2012.
The Peterborough Collective Energy Scheme will enable people from across the city, and from other communities in the UK, to join together as a single unit to negotiate cheaper energy bills.
It's expected that residents could see energy savings of between £60 to £200 a year.
If the initiative is approved by councillors, Peterborough would lead the UK’s first ever collaborative scheme for collective energy switching. Fifteen local authorities will join the city council as part of the scheme, which in total will open up potential savings to two million UK households.
The Peterborough Collective Energy Scheme is a response to rising energy prices and an increase in the number of households in fuel poverty. To that end, the scheme will also be the first in the UK to allow residents who use pre-payment meters to register.
Interesting, definitely (horrible txt-spk in the headline notwithstanding!). I shall keep an eye out.

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